Excited for a Day of Dolphin Watching?

Spot exciting sea life on our Virginia Beach, VA boat rides

To the naked eye, the sea seems vast and empty. But under the surface, there's a rich assortment of sea plants and animals that call the ocean home. At Double Play Charters, we'll take you out on the ocean to see the best that Virginia Beach, VA has to offer.

Our boat company offers dolphin watching in the summer and whale watching in the winter. The excursions range from two-hour "near-shore" trips to 12-hour "off-shore" trips that go far out into the open water. No matter which trip you pick, our experienced captain will make your excursion safe, fun and memorable.

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Fun facts about dolphins and whales

Fun facts about dolphins and whales

Dolphins and whales are incredible creatures that need to be seen to fully appreciate their beauty. Not only are they fascinating to behold, but they've also got plenty of unique characteristics that set them apart from the average animal. Did you know that:

  • Dolphins and humans have similar brains
  • Dolphins and whales are social and live in groups
  • Both dolphins and whales are seen year-round in Virginia Beach
And they're even better up close. Book your trip today.

What our boat rides include

When you book a boat tour with Double Play Charters, you'll get the full offshore experience. We will...

  • Point out famous historic landmarks along the shore
  • Take you to popular spots for dolphin watching and whale watching
  • Teach you about local sea life habits and migration patterns

Our boat tours and sunset cruises are meant to be fun and leisurely. You can sit back and enjoy the scenery while we make you comfortable.

Contact us in Virginia Beach, VA today to learn more about our dolphin watching and whale watching tours. We'll help you pick the best boat tour for you.